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Pearl necklaces revival

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If your pearl necklace is showing signs of wear, it's time for a stylish upgrade.

Your pearl necklace again in new splendor

Pearl necklaces are timeless accessories that can elegantly and attractively complete any woman's look. However, over time, frequently worn necklaces become longer, the pearl silk and pearls become dirty, the gaps between the pearls become larger and the necklace becomes unsightly. In addition, the pearl silk can be so stressed by frequent wear that it becomes thinner and thinner and then also breaks. To prevent this, a pearl necklace should be re-threaded regularly. Best of all, you can use Langer-Magnet.com's high-quality and elegant magnetic clasps to add a touch of sophistication to your necklaces.

This is how it works!
  • Removing the old clasp: start by carefully removing the old clasp with jewelry pliers or tweezers.
  • Pearl check and cleaning: Check the condition of each bead. Clean them and replace damaged or worn beads with new ones.
  • New Threading: Have your jeweler use high quality pearl silks that perfectly match the color and size of your pearls.
  • Knotting technique: when threading, each bead can be knotted individually to prevent the loss of beads if the chain breaks.
  • Adding the Langer© magnetic clasp: Finally, add the elegant Langer© magnetic clasp, which is not only functional but also an eye-catcher.
A pleasure to wear jewelry.

Why should they ask for Langer© magnetic clasps?

  • Easy handling:
    Effortless opening and closing, ideal for people with limited fine motor skills.
  • Secure attachment:
    A sturdy construction with a power magnet that holds your pearl necklace securely.
  • Stylish design:
    A touch of luxury and sophistication for any pearl necklace.
  • High quality materials:
    Made of materials that bring out the luster of your pearl necklace and last long.

Do you prefer quality and elegance? Then it's time to give your pearl necklace an upgrade with Langer© magnetic clasps. Discover the variety of high quality magnetic clasps at Langer-Magnet.com and give your pearl necklaces a touch of luxury and elegance.