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Tell us about the secret behind Langer® inside

With Langer® inside, you can experience the magic behind every piece of jewelry and offer your customers an incomparable wearing experience. Rely on excellence that inspires and differentiate yourself in the market. Become part of our network and let us work together to enchant people anew every day.

Precision, innovation and tradition

Visible Quality

Continuous development with our customers and the wearers of our products characterize our further development.

Backed by a five-step security process, we create lasting and sustainable value.

The engraved signature of Erich Langer, the inventor of the Langer® system, on every clasp guarantees Langer® inside.


Day after day JOY


Langer® magnetic clasps impress with their gentle "click" sound when they are closed and can be opened effortlessly with a slight "sideways movement" - ideal for elegantly putting on jewelry.

Since our beginnings, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of innovative products that not only make everyday life easier, but also impress with their distinctive design and maximum comfort.

Form-fitting blurred lid


Langer magnetic clasps are sealed both airtight and watertight and can therefore be easily cleaned in an immersion bath.

A special manufacturing technology protects the magnets from sweat, moisture and impact damage.

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Power magnets

Extreme Traction

At the core of every Langer magnetic clasp is a very strong power magnet.

Long Patent X© provides more pulling force with the same magnet size. The magnet is shielded from the outside. This makes the Patent X© system particularly suitable for bracelets - wristwatches are not affected.

Infinity® magnetic clasps offer specially assured quality. They represent a new way of wearing magnetic clasps specifically on the wrist.

100% sustainable craftsmanship


Langer® magnetic clasps are carefully handcrafted in harmony with a closed material cycle, creating sustainable value.

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Factory guarantee on gold clasps

5 Year Guarantee

Be careful with the technology of open magnets (crumbling), glued bases (falling out) or even welded bases (bursting open), which then spoil the enjoyment of the jewelry and lead to complaints.

Unfortunately, not all jewelry magnetic clasps are the same (see also Wikipedia).

Notes for your CUSTOMERS

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths

Please inform your customers that these fasteners contain magnets that must not be heated above 60°C to maintain their magnetic force in order to avoid a reduction in tensile force.

Special surfaces require special care - always store or send magnetic clasps separately in small bags or boxes!

Worth knowing

Care Instructions

As a general rule, jewelry should not come into direct contact with soap, perfume, make-up, body lotion and hairspray. Water should be avoided, so showering and swimming with your jewelry should be a rarity. Soap residue, chlorine or salt can remain on and in the jewelry and cause discoloration.

" Here are tips for cleaning silver

Product variety

Langer® Magnetic Clasps

Precious metals used
Silver (999 fine silver, 935 sterling silver); 14kt and 18kt yellow, white and rose gold as well as stainless steel

Sphere, cylinder, olive
Special shapes: Lens, Infinity - ball with bow, tubular clasp, box, drop, pendant holder,...

4 - 20mm

Finishing, electroplating
Silver passivated in fine silver plating, white or black rhodium plating, 3-5my yellow or rose gold plating, antique blackened brushed.

Our method is also known as gold vermeil (pronounced wer-mej). Gold vermeil consists of a base of at least 925 silver and a thick gold layer of at least 2.5 microns. Langer® uses 24 ct. gold plating with a minimum thickness of 3 microns, which is hypoallergenic and naturally nickel-free.

polished, matt, ice-matt, brilliant-cut, brillanted, finished with diamonds,...
set with diamonds

Attachment of chains and bracelets
embossed and soldered eyelet, concealed bar, concealed bail, multi-row cross bar, adhesive shank