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Visible trademarks of Langer© jewelry - magnetic clasp

LANGER® guarantees satisfied customers


Langer magnetic clasps are verbödet, sealed waterproof and can therefore be easily cleaned in a dip bath, among other things.


Quality is assured by a 5-stage analog verification process.

As a visible sign (quality signet) Langer® magnetic clasps bear the signature of the inventor Erich Langer on the inside.

Top traction

Due to the power magnets we achieve tensile forces up to 2 kg.

Production material

Silver (999 fine silver, 935 sterling silver)
14kt and 18kt yellow, white and rose gold
Stainless steel


Sphere, Cylinder, Olive
Special shapes: Lens, Infinity - ball with bail, Navett, tube clasp, caste, drop, plate holder for pendant,...


4 - 20mm

Electroplating, alloy

Silver in fine silver passivated, white or black rhodium plated, 3-5my yellow or rose gold plated, antique blackened brushed,
gold alloy 14kt and 18kt


polished, matte, ice matte, brilliant cut, set with diamonds,...
Set with diamonds


embossed and soldered eyelet, concealed bar, concealed bow, multi-row cross bar, adhesive stem

5 years warranty

Jewelry magnetic clasp is unfortunately not equal jewelry magnetic clasp (see also Wikipedia).
Beware of the technology of open magnets (crumble), glued bottoms (fall out) or even welded bottoms (burst), which then spoil the pleasure of jewelry and lead to complaints.

Gold clasps are covered by a 5-year factory warranty.

100% sustainable handmade from Austria.


Notes for your CUSTOMERS (goldsmiths and silversmiths)

Please inform your customers that these clasps contain magnets and that they are not heated above 60°C!

Special surfaces need special care - Thank you!

Please store or ship magnetic clasps separately in small bags or boxes.

Things to know

Care instructions

As a general rule, jewelry should not come into direct contact with soap, perfume, makeup, body lotion and hairspray. Water should be avoided, so showering and swimming with the jewelry should be a rarity. Soap residues, chlorine or salt can remain on and in the jewelry and thus cause discoloration.