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Langer® - magnet it's magic

ENJOY your Jewelry!

Comfort and safety when wearing combined with the highest quality, genuinely Made in Austria.
Langer magnetic clasps in gold, silver and stainless steel, revolutionize the jewelry wearing experience with handcrafted magnetic clasps that offer elegance and security as well as unparalleled ease of opening and closing to beautify and simplify everyday life.
Langer® - Proven in jewelry for 50 years

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What our customers say...

The family business continues to impress with new innovations.

It is impressive how the Langer company has become the world market leader and expert in magnetic clasps.

Even in difficult situations, the Langer team keeps an overview and makes
and puts a smile on my customer's face.

I find the top quality and strength of the power magnets fascinating.

Langer® - The name makes quality visible.

Joy every day!