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Design of Langer® magnetic clasps product lines

Here you are sure to find the right Langer® magnetic clasp in silver, gold, stainless steel, in various shapes (4mm to 20mm) as well as finishes for pearl, jewelry & gemstone chains.

Clear unique design with maximum magnetic pulling force

Classic line

"The original magnetic clasp; traditional and nostalgic with soldered eyelet, the beginning of a journey around the world; the starting point" - The Silver Classic magnetic clasp series started the ball rolling 28 years ago; a ball that has not stopped to this day, revolutionizing the magnetic clasp market with ever new developments.

Erich Langer, founder of the Langer company and inventor of the air- and water-tight magnetic clasp, combined love, vision and quality in his first product and thus laid the foundation for an impressive success story. Way ahead of his time, in 1992 he managed to transport the future into the present. For it was this first magnetic clasp that was to inspire customers all over the world and was always associated with the attributes of reliable, high quality and aesthetic.

Silver power & Gold plus line

"The A product; powerful and universal; the revolutionary further development of the basic idea; the draught horse" - The Silver Power magnetic clasp series, body fully stamped from 999 fine silver, impresses with its enormous draught force as well as its wetness and impact protection, thus making it the all-rounder of an entire magnetic clasp generation.

No wonder, then, that jewelry enthusiasts around the world have the utmost confidence in the Silver Power magnetic clasp. It is timeless, conveys the feeling of security like no other magnetic clasp and yet impresses with its simple design, which gives the pearl, as the unmistakable main protagonist of your chain, the lead.

The GOLDplus line, the powerhouse with a special magnetic core and an optimized gold shell.

Close line

"The novelty; elegant and powerful; the innovative magnetic clasp with concealed linking; the further development" - The Silver Close magnetic clasp series is technically based on the manufacturing process of the Power Magnets and differs from it by the seamless transition of the jewelry chain to the clasp system.

Especially in the design they dared the first attempt to think outside the box and thus laid the foundation for modern designs that delight the eye and give the wearer that certain something. Like all other magnetic clasps of the Langer brand, the Close design ensures the easiest threading and linking of your jewelry chain.

Silver & Gold Design Line

"The creative one; extravagant and bold; those clasps that can also be used as jewelry; the eye-catching one" - The silver design magnetic clasp series clearly focuses on complex surfaces and shapes, emphasizing the personality and individuality of its wearer above all.

Whether lentil, teardrop or discus shaped, diamond studded or in vintage style: design magnetic clasps attract attention and steal the show from many a piece of jewelry. Wearers of these clasps are usually determined, courageous and spunky types and rarely choose the path of least resistance.


"The AddOn; changeable and varied; the cost-effective addition to your range; the footnote" - The Silver AddOn series presents itself as an innovative enrichment to the Langer- Magnetic Closure System and convinces with its variety, simplest handling and the refined Langer trademark.

Combined with the new beads and olives of the "CLOSELine", for the simple and visually appealing connection of a bead or stone chain, the AddOn series forms an inexpensive enrichment for your assortment, with which you can react to the latest trends without great effort.


"The powerful one; less magnet, more traction; the new magnet system with concentrated power to the center; the powerhouse" - The PATENT X is the powerhouse among the magnetic clasps and despite its slimmer inner workings, it can withstand up to 1.5 times the weight of its siblings. Whether swimming, on the climbing wall or on the sports field: the PATENT X holds; in every situation.

The PATENT X buckle feels particularly comfortable on wrists, as the shielding prevents any magnetic force from escaping to the outside and thus acts exactly where it is needed: reliable, strong and yet slim in design.


"The lover; connecting and everlasting; the sensual embrace of two halves that belong together; the Infinity" - Inspired by Greek mythology, by Plato's Symposion and his spherical men, the Infinity clasp was recently born, which, in addition to its usual functionality, convinces above all with its novel shape.

Like all Langer clasps, the Infinity series in particular is intended to bring together what belongs together, inseparable and spread love. Because it is the happiness and joy of people that always flow into the creative process and thus create closure systems that not only convince in their functionality, but transport feelings and conjure up a smile on the lips of the wearers.

Shape of Nature

"The inspiring; fine and noble structured; always in harmony with nature and mindful of a mindful approach to it; the empathic" - The "Shape of Nature" series follows the trend of mindful approach to nature and is inspired by it through fine and noble structures. Because it is always nature that conveys beauty, uniqueness and life with its infinite manifestations.

It is the spirit of nature that radiates joie de vivre in every magnetic clasp of the Shape of Nature - series and reminds us that it is above all the diversity that makes life so unique and never ceases to amaze the mindful person. Shape of Nature - clasps are used in the 16mm lens as well as in the 10mm ball shape and can also be designed as a patent X clasp.

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