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Langer© magnetic clasp with thread saver (spiral wire) threading on a pearl necklace

Pearl necklaces revival

Pearl necklaces are a timeless symbol of elegance and style, but like all jewelry, they need a refresh from time to time. The good news is that you can add a touch of sophistication to your pearl necklaces with Langer-Magnet.com's high-quality and elegant magnetic clasps.

Long Signet - Claudia and Fritz Aichhorn

We are back from vacation

Here we go again...

A wonderful summer lies behind us, during which we enjoyed our well-deserved time off.

Now we are all back and full of anticipation to make beautiful clasps for you again.

Infinity - pull-proof magnetic clasp

A groundbreaking creation with refined design that not only provides a unique protection against loss. The elegant shape of the lying eight, also known as lemniscate, holds a variety of meanings and connotations.

Background / News

Business award of the city of Enns

Full of joy and a touch of pride in our hearts, we accepted the business award of the municipality of Enns in the idyllic Ennsegg Castle.