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Our responsibility

Sustainability as Part of our Service at Langer®

Those who respect life work in a sustainable, resource-conserving and high-quality manner.

For LANGER© this means

Our magnetic clasps are made by hand.
By people for people and in harmony with the cycle of nature.
Because that is important to us.

We work in a cycle


In our manufacturing process, the valuable residues are not disposed of, but 100% recycled and thus remain in the working cycle. This also applies to the process water. During the scouring and polishing process, it flows through a cycle in which the solid particles in the process water are filtered out. The water is then reused.
We preserve values

Precious Metal

Langer© magnetic clasps are mainly made from recycled precious metals.
We only work with German suppliers who meet the
Codex (= safe proof of origin and sustainably sourced).

We buy sustainably

Operating Resources

Responsibility for people and nature does not stop at suppliers. The necessary consumables and supplies are procured ecologically and sustainably.

We create smart craftsmanship


The Langer family business is now in its second generation of manufacturing in Enns, Austria. We think globally and act in a networked way, but rely on local production with optimized manufacturing methods. Experienced employees and continuous further development with the use of smart technologies guarantee the highest level of perfection and preserve our tradition.

We pack with care


Only tissue paper is used when sending parcels and the shipping boxes are also reused. But why tissue paper? Because in addition to its soft and flexible surface, which protects sensitive items, it is more environmentally friendly than conventional packaging material thanks to its renewable raw materials and high recycling rate.

We are constantly developing

The Step Further

Anyone who knows Langer knows: "We never want to stop improving."
Langer© products are created in harmony with nature. We devote a great deal of care to our magnetic clasps, creating sustainable values. These values are then worn with a special awareness and with joy every day.

Langer© has been a certified Climate Alliance partner since 2021.