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From the heart with passion

WE, the team behind Langer®

...use all our strength and production competence for Langer®.

...have an indomitable will to keep improving or even reinventing products.

...would like to enrich the jewelry market together with our customers.

...have the clear goal to create things of lasting value with sustainability.

...will always convey JOY in the use.

About us

The history of the manufactory

Our roots go back to 1968, when Erich Langer founded a small production company for jewelry, furnitures & fine parts.

Around 1992, Erich Langer, out of love for his wife, developed the air- and watertight magnetic clasp .

On May 1, 2004, Erich and Brigitte Langer handed over the business to their daughter Claudia-and son-in-law Fritz Aichhorn.
Since that day, the jewelry artist and the business consultant and technician have been passionately leading the internationally exporting family business. Active employees are fully behind the management team.

The patented magnetic closures of the Langer brand and the intensive networking with customers and suppliers are further reasons for the good market position.