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From displacement to innovation: Erich Langer's path to success

Once upon a time...

Erich Langer, once expelled from Zwittau, not only found a new home in Enns, but also laid the foundations for Langer GmbH, which developed from humble beginnings into Europe's market leader for magnetic jewelry clasps by combining tradition with innovation, thus becoming a symbol of resilience and success.

Erich and Brigitte Langer
Erich Langer pictured with his wife Brigitte

The invention of the Langer® magnetic clasp

The story of the invention of this very special magnetic clasp almost seems like a fairy tale. And here, as there, love, virtue and chance were involved.

There was the young, impetuous toolmaker Erich from Enns/Neu Gablonz who liked to go to parties to socialize and meet people. And then there was the enchanting Brigitte, whom he met one day at such a party. They became friends, went out together from then on and had a great time.
But one day, clouds gathered and disagreements arose. Once again, Brigitte couldn't decide which necklace went best with her dress. That can happen, because it's often really not easy to decide something like that straight away. Yet each of her pieces of jewelry was something very special.
And so disaster struck. She hadn't made her choice yet. Erich helped her try them on - the tension grew more and more tense. And by the time she had made her choice, they were far too late. There was no need for such a thing and it only brought trouble.

That gave Erich food for thought. "There must be a simpler and more convenient solution to try out the jewelry in peace - in advance and without outside help," he mused to himself. When an offer for small, particularly strong magnets landed on his desk a week later, he already had an inkling. And when he played around with the magnets for a while, it became completely clear to him. Connecting the pieces of jewelry with a magnet - instead of a "small hook to hang them on" - has many advantages.
This is how Erich Langer developed the new, secure type of magnetic clasp in many experiments.

The surprise and joy was great when Erich suddenly pulled the necklaces with the new magnetic clasp out of the drawer the next time he went out. The matching necklace was quickly selected. It happened so quickly that Brigitte called out to Erich when he had finally finished putting them on. So before we went out, we had a long/tender kiss, which encouraged Erich to kneel down in front of her and ask Brigitte to marry him with a ring that matched the necklace.
And what can I say? She said yes! Brigitte and Erich are still a happy and contented couple today.

Since then, thousands and millions of magnetic clasps in countless shapes, sizes and various precious metals have been produced and sent all over the world to make other couples happier.

The production of the magnetic clasps has now been taken over by their descendants.
For Claudia and Fritz, the intensive networking with customers, suppliers and employees is magical. This constantly gives rise to new inspirations that become visible in products for the pleasure and benefit of wearers.

LANGER® - magnet it's magic