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Shape of Nature

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Let yourself be inspired and seduced: Our new clasp series with laser surface "Shape of Nature" dives deep into nature's play of shapes. Whether wood surface, bird feather or plant parts - in symbiosis with the round shape of the clasp, a unique structure is created that makes every piece of jewelry shine even more beautifully and at the same time emphasizes the bond with our mother earth.

A technical feature: for bracelets we recommend our "Patent X" - shielded clasp, the magnetic force is concentrated to the center, therefore it has a higher tensile force. At the same time, the outer shell is better protected, magnetic parts no longer stick to the clasp.

"WOOD": the energy of wood represents awakening, growth and creativity.

"LEAF": the strength of the leaves supports silence and peace of mind.

"TREE": the power of the tree represents love, attention and care.

"FEATHER: The lightness of the feather stands for freedom and lightheartedness.