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Business award of the city of Enns

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Full of gratitude and pride we accepted the business award of the municipality of Enns in the castle Ennsegg and would like to thank all customers, partners and suppliers who accompany us on the way.

The award ceremony took place on May 19, 2022, in an extremely dignified setting, in the rose garden of Ennsegg Castle, which was opened for the first time at this event. Mayor Deleja-Hotko led amusingly through the program, outlined the history of the company Langer and particularly emphasized both the ecological handling of resources as a climate alliance company, as well as the assertion on the world market through quality and innovation. The presentation of the business award, as well as the other honors, was framed by the beautiful sounds of the Ennsegg College.

Since 1968, the Langer company has existed as an innovative, creative and forward-looking craftsman's business that made it its business to revolutionize the often laborious process of putting on and taking off jewelry. The result was the patented magnetic clasp, which Erich Langer applied for a patent for, ushering in a new era of magnetic clasp technology. Through passion for the products, sustainable handling of resources and our environment (proud climate alliance company since 2021) and the love of craftsmanship, Langer was able to convince with the original magnetic clasps and to date over 2 million pieces of Langer® clasps, the family business from Enns, delivered throughout the world.

The families Langer (Erich and Brigitte) and Aichhorn (Maximilian, Fritz, Claudia, Stefan together with sisters Carmen and Marlies) are grateful and proud about this recognition from the city of Enns and look forward to many more years as a regional producer of fairly produced magnetic clasps.